Caldwell Orange Peel Sight-In Targets


Caldwell “Orange Peel” Sight-In Targets make sighting in a rifle a breeze with their high contrast flake off technology.

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Designed for maximum visibility at distance Caldwell Orange Peel Sight-In Targets make seeing the bullet holes on your target at the other end of the range vastly less frustrating. With a unique dual colour flake off design your hits are highly visible with a vivid contrasting colour. If your bullet strikes the bullseye area you will see a vivid neon green colour and hits outside the bullseye area are visible with a brilliant white contrast.

Simply the best way to sight in a rifle, you will instantly see if your shot placement has strayed saving the arduous trip down range to inspect the target. A few clicks on your scope, up or down, left or right will quickly walk your shot placement back to the bullseye gifting your rifle with pin point accuracy for your next hunt or practice. The Caldwell Orange Peel Sight-In Targets are 300mm in diameter and come with 5 in a pack. They also have an adhesive peel off backing which allows you to stick the target to almost any surface.


Caldwell Orange Peel Sight-In Target

5 – Pack

300mm Diameter

Adhesive Back

High Contrast

High Visibility