Hornady Auto Charge Powder Dispenser


The Hornady Auto Charge Powder Dispenser repeatedly drops precisely the same amount of propellant powder for more consistent and accurate hand loads.

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For reloaders that demand the precise control of single stage reloading, dropping “exactly” the same powder weight for every case can prove to be an arduous process. The Hornady Auto Charge Powder Dispenser is an incredibly precise automatic powder dispensing tool capable of consistently delivering powder weights to an accuracy of only 6.4 milligrams (0.1 grains). The scale is capable of accurately measuring powder loads up to a substantial 64 grams (1000 grains) delivered from its generous powder hopper and automated electrically driven powder trickler.


The Hornady Auto Charge Powder Dispenser is capable of dispensing powder both manually and automatically. It has three speed settings that can slowly dispense powder almost a few flakes at a time right up to a powder delivery quickly filling those large powder hungry rifle case like 30-06 Springfield and 300 Win Mag all while maintaining its pin point accuracy. Enter a desired powder weight via the key pad and the Auto Charge will dispense precisely the right amount of powder every time. A convenient feature of the Auto Charge is when the powder pan is returned back to the scales the dispenser automatically trickles a charge to exactly the same pre set charge weight as the previous drop. The clever electronics provide protection against over charges and the incorporated drain plug ensures the hopper is a breeze to clean. The sizeable backlit LCD display and cushioned keypad make the Auto Charge very easy to use. Quite simply the Hornady Auto Charge is far and away the best automated powder dispenser on the market today.