Speer TNT Rifle Bullets 22Cal 50gn HP (100pk)


Speer TNT Rifle Bullets give hunters precise, reliable and highly accurate projectiles with outstanding performance on game.

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Speer TNT Rifle Bullets gives hunters superior performance with powerful energy delivery on target.  As the name suggests Speers’ TNT brand of bullets are dynamite on game animals. TNT Bullets contain internal fluting and a thin precision made jacket with a super soft lead core to guarantee maximum deformation and expansion on your target species. TNT Bullets have a small hollow point design incorporated giving them low drag and an excellent ballistic coefficient. Over the years Speers’ TNT bullets have become a popular favourite amongst hunters worldwide because of their accuracy and stopping power.


Product #:                         1030

Brand:                                Speer

Bullet Type:                      JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)

Calibre:                             .22 Cal

Bullet Diameter:             5.69mm (.224”)

Bullet Weight:                 3.24gram (50 grain)

Cannelure:                       No

Bullet Count:                   100