Hornady Custom Grade Pistol 3 Die Set - (9mm Luger)


Hornady Custom Grade Pistol 3 Die Sets are expertly machined on state of the art CNC machinery which offers reloaders finite control over loads, superior alignment of cases and effortless functioning that delivers consistent, reliable and dependable reloads.

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Hornady Custom Grade Pistol 3 Die Sets use a hardened insert built into the body of the de-capping and resizing die. The material is incredibly durable giving the die longevity. It is so tough that it does not require lubrication of cases for resizing. The internals are highly polished leaving a smooth finish that won’t scratch your soft brass cases.


In the de-capping die, Hornady uses their trademark “Zip Spindle” design that allows for large movements of the de-capping plug with ease yet using the locking collet permits finite control over depth for smaller movements. Hornady uses a locking ring system that holds tight over your die preventing any play or movement. The locking screw never touches the thread of the die preventing damage. Rather than the regular ball expander, Hornady uses an elongated elliptical expander that minimises resistance in the case mouth and deformation of the case neck. 


Hornady dies incorporate an in line bullet seating system that holds the bullet, case neck and seating stem in precise alignment before the bullet is seated in the case mouth. This ultimately results in more consistent and precise reloads delivering supreme accuracy. The inbuilt taper crimp in the bullet seating die holds the bullet firmly in the case mouth virtually eliminating the need for a crimp die in the final station of your reloading press. Finally, Hornady are so confident their dies are superior to any other; they are guaranteed never to break. In the off chance they ever do, you can send them back to the manufacturer for free repair or replacement. Hornady Die Sets come complete with a handy stackable storage box offering convenient organisation of various calibres on your reloading bench. 

Can be used in any reloading press that uses industry standard 7/8”x14 threads.