RCBS Power Pull 2 Bullet Puller


The RCBS Power Pull 2 makes it easy for reloaders to remove a bullet from a case in seconds, with a few solid strikes on a hard surface.

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The RCBS Power Pull 2 is a handheld device for reloaders that enables a quick and efficient means to separate pistol or rifle bullets from brass cases.  Wether it be harvesting bullets from a certain load or correcting an under or over charge, a time will come when all reloaders will need to pull bullets from their cases.


The RCBS Power Pull 2 has a tough one piece body made from heavy-duty polymer and has a three piece chuck that firmly grasps the rim of the cartridge.  Once tightened, all that is need is a few solid strikes on a hard surface so that the kinetic energy dislodges the bullet.  The chamber built into the Power Pull 2 collects the bullet and propellant powder while leaving the case separate. 


It will pull bullets from pistol and rifle centerfire cartridges and comes complete with 3 separate chucks to accommodate different calibres.   This allows the Power Pull to accept cartridges ranging from .22 Hornet right up to large rifle cartridges such as the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum that stretch to over 91 mm in length.  The typical high build quality that reloaders have come to expect from RCBS ensures that the Power Pull 2 can endure a beating for many years and provide a long service life.  The Power Pull 2 is not suitable for use with rimfire cartridges.