Hornady Die Bushing 10 pack


Hornady Die Bushings allow you to quickly swap out your reloading dies to change calibre in your Hornady progressive and classic reloading presses.

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Hornady Die Bushings are a brilliant design allowing reloaders to quickly change out individual or entire die sets when reloading. You only have to set up your dies once by threading the die set down into the bushing to the desired depth and then lock the settings in place. Once completed you can quickly change the entire die set in seconds enabling you to swap calibres. Hornady Die Bushings will accept any brand of die that uses industry standard 7/8-14 threads. This means you can thread an RCBS or Lee die set for example into the Hornady Die Bushing and reload on your Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive or single stage reloading press.