Hornady Electronic Scale GS-1500


Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Scales provide reloaders with precise and repeatable measurement of propellant powder weights in a sleek and compact package.

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The Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Scales are perfect for reloaders that demand accuracy.  It is well understood that to reload accurate ammunition, hand loads must be precise and consistent.  The GS-1500 is capable of measuring powder weights up to 97 grams (1500 grains) and delivers finite control of weights in between.


Simply drop your desired powder charge into your pan for weighing and place the pan on scales; the Hornady Electronic Scales will instantly display a precise reading.  The unit takes two standard AAA batteries and is ideally suited to reloaders that do not intend to trickle powder into the pan. 



Contents:   Scales

                     Calibration Weight

                     Powder Pan

                     User Manual

                     Batteries (Not Included)