MTM Mini Digital Reloading Scales


MTM Mini Digital Reloading Scales are pocket sized and ideal for measuring powder charge weights for metallic cartridge reloading.

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MTM Mini Digital Reloading Scales feature an easy to read back lit LCD display suitable for beginner and experienced reloaders alike. It delivers a capacity of up to 48grams (750 grains) with an accuracy of 10miligrams (0.2 grains). The scales are capable of displaying measurements in grains, grams, ounces and carats and only require 2x AAA batteries which are included. The unit enjoys a stainless steel sensory platform as well as an extended 3 minute automatic shutoff. It comes with a powder pan which has been custom designed to accommodate the weighing of bullets, powder and even arrows as well as a calibration weight and instruction booklet. The unit is completed with a foam lined case for long term storage and protection.

Note:               Powder trickling is not recommended for this scale. A plug in scale is advised for this application.  

                        This scale is perfect for applications such as measuring the weight of an entire charge dropped

                        from a case activated powder drop for example or bullet and arrow weights.