Hornady Lock N Load AP Progressive Reloading Press


The Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Reloading Press is arguably one of the best ammunition reloading presses on the market today.  It can load up to 500 rounds per hour in almost any calibre.

·        500 rounds/hr
·        Loads almost every rifle and pistol calibre
·        Loads Small and Large Pistol and Rifle Primers
·        EZ-ject system propels cartridges in to cartridge bin
·        Lock-N-Load Bushing System for ultra fast calibre changes
·        Case activated powder drop
·        Auto Indexing – Progressive Press
·        5 Station Press
·        Extremely well made
·        Manufacturers lifetime guarantee

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The Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant Progressive Reloading Press is a professional grade reloading machine available to competitive and recreational hunters and shooters.  It is a 5 station auto indexing reloading press that is capable of reloading a completed round with every pull of the handle.  Its 5 station design means that it has five holes machined into the casting that enables the press to accept up to five different dies that perform various functions in the reloading process.   Auto indexing ensures that the shell plate turns automatically with a pull of the handle making it much faster than some if its more expensive rivals.


Lock-N-Load Bushings

Quite simply the Lock-N-Load bushing system is an utterly brilliant design.  It enables reloaders to change calibres literally in seconds once dies are set with the use of a proprietary bushing system that securely locks dies sets into the press.  An effortless eighth of a turn is all that is required to move a die that is solidly locked into the press with absolutely no movement, to completely free ready to accept a new calibre die set.  The bushings accept all brands of reloading dies that use industry standard 7/8”x14 threads meaning you can use RCBS, Lee,Reddingor Lyman Dies etc. on a Hornady reloading press.  No other reloading press manufacture does it this well.


EZ-ject System

An amazing improvement over previous designs, all later model Lock-N-Load presses come with the EZ-Ject system.  Basically it ejects a completed cartridge free from the shell plate into a cartridge catcher facilitating faster reloading.  It is often a fine balancing act on progressive presses where the shell plate is required to tightly lock the cartridge in place to ensure that parts line up perfectly.  Yet this firm hold on the cartridge rim can prevent completed cartridges ejecting free from the press impacting throughput rates.  The EZ-ject system accommodates the two needs perfectly making the Lock-N-Load a pleasure to use.


Case Activated Powder Drop

Hornady uses a simple case activated powder drop that will not dispense a powder charge unless a case is present.  No more spills over the reloading bench.  A clever insert can be used to provide a repeatable charge weight specific to the calibre you’re loading.  Additional rotors can be purchased separately to accommodate faster powder change overs and extremely light powder charges. The case activated powder drop also uses the brilliant Lock-N-Load bushing system.


The Lock-N-Load reloading press is capable of reloading both small and large pistol and rifle primers.  It comes complete with primer seating punches in both small and large diameter that can be unscrewed for quick primer size changes.  It also has primer tubes that hold both small and large primers vertically in the press as well as primer pick up tubes that enable fast pick up of primers in the correct orientation.  Only a simple forward push on the handle is required to seat a primer.  A tactile feedback is felt upon successfully seating a new primer making it a breeze to use.

Auto Indexing

The press automatically indexes with every half stroke of the handle.  It rotates the shell plate and in turn the cartridges, enabling them to progress to the next die.  This very smooth auto indexing feature lessens the chance of powder spills as cartridges rotate to the next station.

Case Retainer

A simple yet effective case retention spring is used to hold cases close to the shell plate and accepts all calibres.  This enables the shell plate to firmly grasp case rim providing perfect alignment and better accuracy.  The clever design enables a case to be removed from the press at any stage of the reloading process for inspection.

Cartridge Catcher

A large capacity Akro bin is provided that mounts directly to the press in an easy slide on slide off action.  It will be sure to collect all your completed reloads.


The accessories for the Lock-N-Load Progressive Reloading Press are vast to accommodate almost every need of the reloader.  The main ones however are the outstanding bullet feeder and case feeder available separately.  The bullet feeder is electrically operated to feed bullets correctly orientated directly to the case mouth of the cartridge being loaded.  This can dramatically increase the throughput rate of the press.  The case feeder is also an electrically operated device that feeds correctly orientated empty brass pistol or rifle cases directly to the first station in the press, ready for resizing and de-capping.  Again this accessory dramatically increases the production rate.

Required to operate

Shell Plate (Calibre Specific)

Die Set (Calibre Specific)

Die Bushings (One for each die)

Brass Cases


Propellant Powder


Balance beam or Electronic Scales

Fixing hardware for bench installation

Recommended:  Reloading Handbook