Hornady Microjust Seating Stem


The Hornady Microjust bullet seating stem gives finite control over bullet seating depth and lets you achieve bench rest accuracy without the need to purchase extra dies.

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Hornady Microjust Seating stems can be added to any of your bottle neck New Dimension seating dies where you can easily set the depth of your bullet exactly where you want it.  The Microjust allows you to seat your bullet to desired depth with extremely fine increments of only 25 microns (0.001”). This finite control improves consistency and delivers more accurate reloads.  All Hornady Die Sets already come with a seating die where the seater is threaded into the top of the seating die. The Microjust is easily used by swapping out the existing seating stem for the Microjust from the top of the seating die.