RCBS Carbide Reloading 3-Die Set (.45 Long Colt)


RCBS Carbide Reloading Dies are a 3 die set incorporating a sizing/depriming die, an expander die and a seating/taper crimp die. The carbide insert reduces the need for case lubrication making the reloading process easier and provides reloaders with reliable and consistent ammunition.

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RCBS Carbide Die Sets enjoy an extremely hard carbide sleeve insert which can handle repeated use and drastically reduces the need for case lubrication. The de-capping and sizing die returns the brass case back to factory specifications and will also de-prime the spent case in the same process. The second die incorporates an expander which bells the case mouth of your brass making it easier for the case to accept a new bullet. Finally after the propellent powder has been delivered the seating die centres the bullet in the case and seats it to a pre specified depth. It then taper crimps the belled case mouth locking the bullet in place. This seating and crimping function occurs all in the same die. While never claiming to be the cheapest, RCBS products are widely recognized for their exceptional build quality. Their outstanding manufacturer backed warranty and fantastic customer service are a testament to their quality product. With an RCBS Carbide Die Set reloaders are able make some seriously accurate and reliable hand loaded ammunition.


Brand:                          RCBS

Product #:                   19112

Calibre:                       .45 Long Colt

Dies:                            1. Sizing/Depriming

2. Expanding

3. Seating/Taper Crimp