Hornady SST Bullets 30Cal 180gn (100pk)


Hornady SST (Super Shock Tip) bullets are a polymer tipped projectile that provides consistent deformation at distance. Their clever design and superb construction ensures they are outstandingly accurate and deliver devastating performance on game.

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Hornady SST Bullets are designed to deliver a powerful shock to your target species opening up a deep wound channel to provide a quick and humane kill. SST is an acronym for Super Shock Tip where the polymer tip reliably starts the deformation of the bullet even at longer distances. SST bullets incorporate many of the benefits of Hornady’s other bullets all in one. On the outside they are a match grade bullet where they enjoy precise concentricity tolerances yet on the inside they incorporate the proven Interlock bullet design utilizing Hornady’s Interlock ring construction. The interlock design ensures the bullet maintains its integrity and mass even under severe deformation from impact. The cannelure design assists to provide consistent crimping and allows the cartridge to build pressure upon firing increasing accuracy. SST’s are deadly accurate and are an ideal hunting bullet providing devastating performance on pigs, goats and deer sized game.



Mfg’s Product #:                 30702

Brand:                                    Hornady SST

Bullet Type:                           Boat Tail Polymer Tip

Calibre:                                  30Cal

Bullet Diameter:                  7.82mm (.308”)

Bullet Weight:                      11.66gram (180 grain)

Cannelure:                            Yes

Bullet Count:                        100