Lee Case Length Gauge & Shell Holder - (.303 Brit)


The Lee Case Length Gauge and Shell Holder is a cost effective way for reloaders to trim their cases back to exact specifications.

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Lee Case Length Gauges and Shell Holders provide reloader with an extremely simple and inexpensive method to ensure that trimmed brass is exactly the length it should be. When brass cartridges are fired the massive combustion pressures inside will often stretch the soft brass distorting its length. It is essential that stretched brass be resized back to specification for safety and effective chambering. After running your fired brass through a de-capping and resizing die, often the brass will be slightly longer than necessary requiring the length to be trimmed. The Lee Case Length Gauge is a very effective, low cost tool that simply gets the job done. Choose a gauge length specific to the calibre you are reloading and thread the gauge into a Lee cutter head. The gauge comes complete with a shell holder specific to the calibre you’re reloading which can be used in tools like the Lee Zip Trim.