Lee Cutter Head with Ball Grip


The Lee Cutter Head & Ball Grip is an inexpensive way to trim brass cases to length bringing them back to exact specification.

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Lee Cutter Heads & Ball Grips are supplied as the cutter head & ball grip only. They precisely trim the mouth of brass cases cutting them back to length. Sold separately and required to function correctly are the inexpensive calibre specific case length gauges that thread directly into the cutter head. Lee Cutter Heads work with all Lee Case Length Gauges of any calibre and are inexpensive. For example, if you are trimming .223Remington to length you need to buy a Lee Case Length Gauge & Shell Holder pack in .223 Rem, thread it into the cutter head to use it. It is most convenient to incorporate the use of Lee’s Zip Trim case trimmer.


Contains:     Cutter Head & Ball Grip (Only)


Required:     Case Length Gauge/Shell Holder (Calibre Specific)


Lee case length gauges and shell holders come together in a pack specific to the calibre of your choice.