Lyman Deburring Tool


The Lyman Deburring Tool effectively removes burrs from both the inside and outside of the case mouth after the trimming process.

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The Lyman Deburring Tool is excellent at removing burrs from the case mouth of brass after the cutter head has trimmed cases to length. Yes you can buy cheaper tools but in typical Lyman fashion its superior build quality will leave you happy with your purchase long after the initial sticker shock. Its hardened steel construction will ensure an incredibly long service life deburring your soft brass cases. The tool is double ended where one end of the tool will deburr the outside of the case mouth and the other end will deburr the inside of the case mouth. A few turns both inside and outside is all it takes to remove burrs. The Lyman Deburring tool is suitable for use on both straight walled and bottleneck pistol and rifle cases.