Lyman Rifle Die Set - (.223 REM)


Lyman Rifle Reloading Dies are a 2 Die Set and are typical of the excellent build quality reloaders have come to expect from the brand.  Lyman Rifle Reloading Die Sets are available is various calibres to suit your chosen firearm. 

Full Length Resizing Die
One piece De-capping pin
Neck Expanding button
Bullet Seating Die
Fits all brands of press that use industry standard 7/8”x14 thread

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Lyman Rifle Reloading Dies are built for reloaders who demand a premium quality product that will produce precise and consistent ammunition time after time. These die sets are an ideal choice for hand loaders that reload bottleneck cases with jacketed bullets. For reloaders that load cast lead bullets, Lyman recommends adding a neck expander die making bullet seating easier.


The Lyman Rifle Reloading Die Sets consist of a full length resizing die that includes a de-capping pin and case mouth expander ball. The second die is the bullet seating and roll crimp die that seats bullets to your precise depth settings and holds them securely in place when set. Finally, Lyman Reloading Die Sets come complete in a heavy duty plastic storage box keeping them protected when not in use.