MTM Die Storage Box


MTM Die Storage boxes answer the question of how to store your reloading die sets. Keep your reloading bench clutter free and organized all whilst protecting your dies and setting as well.

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MTM Die Storage boxes help reloaders to keep your reloading bench free from clutter and protect your valuable reloading dies from damage. The box is constructed from sturdy plastic with a latch and carry handle. MTM Die Set Storage Boxes have a capacity of 16 x 23mm holes which are 45mm deep capable of storing four lots of 4-die sets, 16 dies in total. MTM have provided space in their container for storing shell holders as well as the last round loaded from each die set. It is possible to organize your dies by calibre or by manufacturer what ever you choose. Included is a label for identification assisting the organisation of your dies.

The manufacturer advises that Hornady Lock-N-Load die sets don’t fit in the DB-4-30 model.  Albeit that some will actually fit into the box upside down the majority of Lock-N-Load dies will not.

Brand:                    MTM Case Guard

Product:                Multiple Die Set Storage Box

Product #:             DB-4-30

Colour:                  Red

Capacity:               Holds 16 dies (4x 4 Die Sets)

Size:                       Max Die Length: 120mm

Tray Hole Diameter: 23mm

Tray Hole Depth: 45mm

Locking ring to be >45mm from the bottom