Plano Ammo Storage Case (Large Rifle)


Plano Ammo Storage Cases secure 20 rounds of your favourite large rifle ammunition and are ideal for use at the range or hunting in the field.

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Plano Ammo Storage Cases are constructed from tough polymer plastic and will ensure your ammo stays safe and secure in your range bag or even crashing around in the back of a ute on your next hunting trip. The semi-transparent slip top cover allows for easier identification of the cases’ contents while still holding ammunition securely. The cover separates completely from the base ensuring instant access to your ammo with you need it. The Plano Ammo Storage Case uses a twin latch construction as well as an additional tie down point for added security and will hold 20 rounds of ammunition dividing each cartridge separately.




Brand:                           Plano

Product:                        Ammo Storage Case

Size:                               Large Rifle

Model#:                         123020

Construction:               Polymer

Capacity:                       20 Rounds


Fits:                            .25-06 Remington


                                    .280 Remington



                                    .338 Lapua Magnum

                                    .340 Weatherby Magnum

                                    .375-300 Remington Ultra Magnum

                                    .378 Weatherby Magnum

                                     7mm Remington Magnum