RCBS Steel Bullet Mold .38 Cal 148gn Wadcutter (2 Cavity)


RCBS Bullet Molds are no exception to the typically outstanding build quality experienced from RCBS. Cast solid lead bullets for your pistol or rifle with these solid steel bullet molds. Handles required, sold separately.

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RCBS Bullet Molds are typically the cream of the crop as far as design, machining and build quality in bullet casting.  They are machined to exacting dimensions from solid steel blocks giving reloaders repeatable, clean and accurate bullets.  RCBS bullet molds have a thick solid steel sprue plate securely fastened with tempered steel screws and spring washers.  RCBS bullet molds are precision ground square to deliver faultless alignment of mold blocks for every casing.  This attention to detail ensures they perform flawlessly even after many years of regular use.  Handles are required and are sold separately.


Capacity:                     2 Cavity

Calibre:                      .38Cal (9.65 mm)

Bullet Weight:             148gn (9.6 gram)

Bullet Type:                 Wad Cutter

Handles Required:       Yes