Redding Case Trimmer


The Redding Case Trimmer 1400-XT gives reloaders precise control over length to trim their brass cases back to exacting dimensions.

Accepts all popular cases via its universal collet
Includes 6 pilots – .22Cal, 6mm, .25Cal, .270Cal, 7mm & .30Cal
Includes neck cleaning brushes .22Cal and .30Cal
Includes Small & Large Primer pocket cleaners
Ultra hard (Titanium Nitride) coated cutter head
Replaceable cutter head
Model 1400-XT

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The Redding 1400-XT Case trimmer is a lathe design that is exceptionally well built. When brass cartridges are fired the massive combustion pressures inside will often deform the case. This is why the first step of any reloading procedure is to resize the brass back to specification.  Doing so will often increase the case length.  This is the logic behind trimming.


The Redding Case Trimmer 1400-XT is constructed of cast iron which provides a highly durable bearing surface that will not wear out over time. The casting is extended to accommodate some of the longest case sizes and the trimmer comes complete with six pilots, a cutter head coated with Titanium Nitride, primer pocket cleaners and two neck brushes for case mouth cleaning. The cutter head is replaceable albeit its ultra hard titanium nitride coating will ensure many years of reliable service. The universal collet acts like a chuck holding the case firmly in place and is capable of accepting every popular cartridge. The casting has mounting points built into its design so reloaders can secure the trimmer directly to their reloading bench.