Lee Zip Trim


The Lee Zip Trim is similar to a lathe in its operation and is an inexpensive tool that makes it quick and easy for reloaders to trim brass cases before reloading. The Zip Trim is to be used in conjunction with other Lee products.

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The Lee Zip Trim is a cost effective method of trimming brass cases so that they are returned to SAAMI length specification. When a cartridge is fired, the massive pressure inside the soft brass case deforms it altering its length. As a result, sometimes a small amount of brass needs to be trimmed from the case mouth to return its length back to acceptable tolerance. The Lee Zip Trim is intended to be mounted to your reloading bench and is used in conjunction with other Lee products like the Shell Holder and Case Length Gauge. Case Length Gauges are calibre specific and screw directly into a cutter head and ball grip assembly that will then fit any calibre. The Lee Zip Trim is operated by repeated pulls on the zip line that rotates the cartridge and automatically retracts the line back to its original position. Combine this with a 3-Jaw chuck and de-burring tools, all of which are inexpensive and reloaders can be trimming brass and assembling precise and accurate reloads in no time.