Remington Sportsman Gun Cleaning Kit


The Remington Sportsman Gun Cleaning Kit is a true 27 piece kit capable of cleaning pistols, rifles and shotguns ranging from .22 calibre right through to the large diameter of 12Ga Shotguns.

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The Remington Sportsman Gun Cleaning Kit comes complete with 27 pieces that equip shooters with the tools needed to maintain almost any calibre of firearm ranging from .22 Calibre right through to the sizable 12 Gauge.


Presented in an eye-catching wooden box, the Remington Kit contains a 3 piece threaded cleaning rod that will accept any brand of bronze or nylon bore brush the uses industry standard (imperial measurement) #8-32 threads.  It utilizes a free turning mechanism that is incorporated into the handle of the rod ensuring appropriate rotational freedom when cleaning.


The kit also includes adaptors for shotgun and pistol calibres as well as a variety of appropriate bore brushes and mops in numerous sizes.  It contains both small and large patch pullers as well as 50 cleaning patches.  Finally its brass and nylon cleaning brushes will assist in removing debris from bolts, cylinders and actions.  Bore solvents are not included and are required to be purchased separately.



Kit Contains:


Cleaning Rod 3 piece

Bronze Brushes (Assorted Calibres) Industry Standard Thread Size

Bore Mops (Assorted Calibres) Industry Standard Thread Size


Patch Pullers (Small and Large)

Brass & Nylon Utility Brushes

Cleaning Patches (50pcs)


Note: Solvents not included