Sierra Pro Hunter Rifle Bullets 30Cal 150gn (100pk)


Sierra Pro Hunter Rifle Bullets provide hunters with superior reloading components that are revered for their extreme accuracy and devastating stopping power.

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Sierra Pro Hunter Rifle Bullets use a proprietary double tapered hunting jacket that has proven to deliver outstanding performance in the field. The Pro Hunter series of rifle bullets are extremely accurate and provide a significant edge on game releasing massive stopping power. The bullets enjoy a spitzer design with a flat base that delivers reliable expansion and leaves a deep wound channel that it outstanding for taking mid sized game.


Mfg’s Product #:              2130

Brand:                                Sierra

Bullet Type:                       Spitzer Flat Base

Calibre:                              30Cal

Bullet Diameter:              7.82mm (.308”)

Bullet Weight:                  9.72gram (150 grain)

Cannelure:                        No

Bullet Count:                    100