Caldwell The Rock Deluxe Shooting Rest


Caldwell’s The Rock Shooting Rest is perfect for use on the range or from a hunting bench in the field. Uncover the hidden accuracy in your rifle from this super stable firing platform.

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The Rock Shooting Rest by Caldwell will uncover the accuracy of your rifle by allowing you to fire from a stable platform. Firing off hand and waving the cross hairs all over your target will never deliver consistency and adds to the many variables of achieving that perfect shot. As the name suggests, “The Rock” Shooting Rest from Caldwell provides a rock solid platform by removing that every so present component of human input. It should be every shooters goal to achieve precise and repeatable shots. The Rock Shooting Rest will help to deliver greater accuracy in shot placement by eliminating some of the human factor resulting in tighter groups and better consistency.


The Rock Shooting Rest has adjustable stainless steel spiked feet to level the rest on a bench. It comes complete with a filled front rest bag to sit your rifle on but it will accept any of the Caldwell deluxe front rest bags. It has a 25mm steel post which allows for height adjustments to 184mm and a stop at the fore end that restricts forward movement of the stock to ensure consistent positioning of your rifle. The base is made from cast aluminium and weighs in at almost 2.5 kilograms providing a weighty platform that is less likely to be repositioned by recoil.


(Medium Varmint Bag is not included with The Rock shooting rest)