Claybuster Shotgun Wad CB2100-12 (500pcs)


Claybuster shotgun wads CB2100-12 are an excellent 12 gauge wad for sporting clay, skeet and trap shooters. They’re a great choice as a high quality alternative to more expensive proprietary branded wads.

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The Claybuster CB2100-12 is an equivalent 12SO Federal® style wad that is suitable for trap, skeet, sporting clays and hunting loads.  It is an outstanding performer in Federal and Fiocchi straight wall hulls.  Like all Claybuster wads the CB2100-12 is made from prime virgin resin to ensure the best consistency and accuracy between loads. 




Model #:                     CB2100-12

Equivalent:                 12SO

Wad Size:                   12 gauge

Load Guide:                24.8g – 31.9g (7/8oz – 1-1/8oz)

Optimal Load:             28.35g (1 oz)

Colour:                        White

Wads per bag:             500pcs