Hornady Cam Lock Case Trimmer


Hornady Case Trimmer with Cam Lock allows reloaders to trim the length of their cases ensuring accurate and consistent hand loads.

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The Hornady Cam Lock Case Trimmer quickly trims cases back to SAAMI specifications to deliver precise components for reloading reliable and uniform ammunition.  It is commonly understood that the massive pressures exerted inside brass cases upon firing can often stretch bottleneck cases increasing overall case length. Full length resizing of both straight wall and bottleneck cases can also lengthen the case potentially affecting head spacing. Excessive headspace can cause the cartridge to rupture possibly damaging the firearm and injuring the shooter. If headspace is too short then the cartridge will not chamber in the firearm. Cases must therefore be trimmed to precise measurements to ensure that reloads are safe, consistent and reliable.


The Hornady Case Trimmer with its Cam Lock design provides a quick and efficient method of trimming cases to exacting and repeatable lengths before reloading.  Lock in the cutting depth with a case of known length and every consecutive case will be trimmed to exactly the same length. A light twist of the Cam Lock securely holds cases in place without the need to over tighten the locking mechanism. An alternate light twist in the opposite direction releases the case from the cam lock with ease. The trimmer includes 7 pilots of varying calibres that fit perfectly inside the case mouth holding the case steady allowing the cutting head to trim excess length from the case mouth. These calibres include .22Cal, 6mm, .270Cal, 7mm, .30Cal, .38Cal & .45Cal.


The trimmer has provision to be securely bolted to your reloading bench and its tall frame means your won’t bang your knuckles on the bench. The hardened tool steel cutter head is extremely sharp and will deliver an extremely long service life cutting into soft brass. That said, the cutter head is equipped with a simple grub screw that allows the head to be easily removed for sharpening. The micrometre adjustable grants reloaders’ finite control over length setting permitting incremental changes of only 25 microns (0.001”) without ever moving the case.






Required:       Hornady Shell Holders specific to your calibre.