Hornady Classic Reloading Press


The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading press is a high quality, cost effective, single stage reloading press that produces outstanding quality reloaded ammunition.

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The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press is jammed full of features, exceptional build quality and is capable of producing very high quality reloads making it one of the best single stage reloading presses on the market. 


It incorporates the ingenious Lock-N-Load bushing design unique to Hornady presses that enables reloaders to quickly change calibres with a simple eighth of a turn release of the die from the press.  The press can reload almost every pistol and rifle calibre on the market by simply swapping out the calibre of reloading die.  For quicker results, purchase additional Lock-N-Load bushings and once your dies are set you can be reloading a new calibre in seconds.


The bushing also provides greater consistency by enabling shooters to adjust their dies once and lock the settings in place.  When it comes time to reload another calibre, reloaders are assured their die settings are identical to the last reloading session providing vastly more consistent ammunition.


Its sturdy cast aluminium window style frame is off set to the centreline by roughly 30 degrees allowing the reloader to gain easy access to the ram whilst providing the highest visibility of the reloading process.  Its positive priming system is capable of seating both small and large primers and come with small and large primer cups.  Reloaders can purchase separately an automatic primer feeder separately should you choose.


The Hornady Classis Reloading Press mounts to your reloading bench quickly via the two bolt holes provided and has a CNC machined die openings top and bottom creating perfect alignment of the ram and cartridge case into the die set.  This precise level of computer controlled workmanship provides exactly what every shooter wants, accuracy. 



Bushings Included:                     Yes, (3 included)

Shell Holder Included:                 No, (Calibre Specific)

Dies Included:                              No, (Calibre Specific)

Automatic Primer Feeder:          Optional Extra

Bushings:                                     Accepts any brand of die that uses industry standard 7/8”-14 threads