Hornady InterLock Bullets 6mm/.243” 100gn(100pk)


Hornady InterLock Bullets are a devastating hunting bullet that secures the bullets lead core to the copper jacket ensuring the core and jacket are locked in place upon impact. They deliver controlled expansion and maintain the bullets mass while transferring substantial energy to your target. 

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Hornady InterLock Bullets are precision manufactured with their pioneering secant ogive design delivering one of the best ballistic coefficients in a bullet ever. Its traditional lead core with, soft point and copper jacket delivers controlled expansion while transferring maximum energy to your target species. The InterLock design ensures the bullet remains in tact and does not separate from the jacket. InterLock bullets maintain their mass while deformation of the projectile occurs on target. Hornady’s extremely efficient design will ensure a maximum bearing surface while having a low drag coefficient.  The result is flat trajectories and with amazing and accuracy and reliability. The bullet comes with a cannelure to ensure consistent crimping and the upper section of the bullet is strategically weakened to ensure perfectly controlled expansion. 


Mfg’s Product #:                 2453

Brand:                                   Hornady

Bullet Type:                          BTSP (Boat Tail Soft Point)

Calibre:                                 6mm / .243

Bullet Diameter:                 6.17mm (.243”)

Bullet Weight:                     6.48 gram (100 grain)

Cannelure:                           Yes

Bullet Count:                       100