Hornady Powder Cop Die


The Hornady Powder Cop Die provides a simple visible reference to ensure your powder drop/measure is dropping exactly the right charge for your load.

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The Hornady Powder Cop Die uses a pronounced indication ring giving you instant visual confirmation that you are dropping a precise and accurate amount of propellant powder into your case every time.  If you reload enough, a time will come where you get a malfunction.  It happens to the best of us.  It can be a costly and potentially dangerous mistake to get a squib load or even an over charge.  Squib loads (AKA under charge) are a problem when the bullet is ejected from the case mouth but there is not enough propellant powder to eject the bullet free from your barrel.  The resulting bullet is stuck in your barrel. 

The next follow up shot is almost always a full power load that very quickly meets the lodged bullet in your barrel potentially causing catastrophic results.  Alternatively an over charge is simply too much propellant powder in the brass case which exerts excessive pressure on your chamber and has the potential to produce explosive results.  All this uncertainty can be easily overcome with the addition of the Hornady Powder Cop Die.  Simply screw the Powder Cop Die into your Hornady Die Bushing or any brand of progressive reloading press that uses industry standard 7/8”-14 reloading dies.  Set the indication level once to ensure the powder amount is delivered perfectly and the indicator will provide instant visual confirmation of an accurate and repeatable powder drop.