Howard Leight Leightning LOF Super Slimline Earmuffs


Howard Leight Leightning LOF Super Slimline Earmuffs provide super soft, comfortable and collapsible hearing protection for shooters and hunters either at the range or in the field.

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Howard Leight Leightning LOF Earmuffs provide a super slimline form factor whilst still offering superior hearing protection with its patented airflow design by disrupting the flow of damaging sound waves often experienced in the shooting sports.  Your eyes and ears are incredibly important to protect and no compromises are acceptable when it comes to safety in the sport.


The padded foam head band is reinforced with steel providing comfort and cushioning from the foam and added durability from the steel headband for a long service life.



    • Super slimline form factor
    • Collapsible
    • Excellent hearing protection
    • Patented airflow design
    • Super soft ear cushions
    • Highest Level of Comfort
    • Snap-In Ear Cushions
    • Telescoping Height Adjustment
    • Easy Maintainence
    • No compromises on hearing protection