Champion Slimline Earmuffs (Passive)


Champion Slimline Earmuffs protect your hearing in both comfort and style. 

Colour:      Pink

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Champion slimline earmuffs in pink are not only stylish and comfortable but also safe. The sound dampening material will protect your valuable hearing on the range by taking that unpleasant “crack” out of the sound that can damage hearing when discharging a firearm. In addition to safety, earmuffs must also be comfortable. If your earmuffs are not comfortable then you are less likely to wear them on the range. The slimline shape and plush padding ensures they are lightweight and provide a comfortable seal around the ear providing solid protection. The adjustable design allows the user to fine tune the fit for the best comfort level. Not intended to be completely silent, the user will still be able to hear the instruction of a range officer even when wearing the earmuffs. Champion slim earmuffs are a passive design without electronics and batteries and are collapsible which reduces their size for storage in a range bag when not in use. Protect your valuable hearing and safely enjoy the fun and excitement of the shooting sports.