Peltor Shotgunner Ear Muffs (Back of Neck Band)


Peltor Shotgunner Ear Muffs provide shooters with convenient and lightweight hearing protection specific to the shooting sports. The ear muffs utilize a back of the neck band for added comfort and minimal interference. 

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Peltor Shotgunner Ear Muffs deliver a slimline design that incorporates a back of neck head band feature. The design helps to minimise interference from the stock of your rifle or shotgun and enables the shooter to wear a hat or cap as well as their hearing protection on the range or in the field. The ear cushions are liquid/foam filled to provide superior comfort and the neck band is also adjustable providing just the right tension. Most of all the Peltor slimline ear muffs have a noise reduction rating of 19db that helps to reduce delivery of the damaging crack sound of gun fire to your ears.