Lee 3 Die Set Steel Reloading Dies (45/70 Govt.)


Lee Pistol Reloading Dies in the 3 Die Set are an excellent tool to reload a myriad of popular pistol calibres.

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The Lee 3-Die Set for pistol reloaders contains a steel full length sizing die.  The second die is an Expander Die which flares the case mouth to accept a bullet.  Finally the third die is the bullet seating die to seat your chosen bullet to the correct depth and taper crimp the case mouth around the bullet.


  • Full Length Sizing Die
  • Expanding Die with Powder Through
  • Bullet Seating Die
  • Universal Shell Holder
  • Powder Dripper
  • Load Data
  • Fits all brands of reloading press that uses industry standard 7/8×14 threads