Lee Load Master Progressive Reloading Press (9mm Luger)


Lee Loadmaster progressive reloading presses are perfect for high volume ammunition reloading. This 9mm kit is packaged with all the necessary components to reload 9mm Luger straight out of the box.  (Stand Not Included)

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Lee Loadmaster progressive reloading presses are a fantastic choice for the shooter that reloads a high quantity of ammunition. This Lee Loadmaster press is fitted out to reload 9mm Luger straight out of the box, which means it includes a carbide, 9mm Luger 3 die set, turret, shell plate powder measure, case feeder and primer feeder. However, the Lee Loadmaster is more than capable of reloading pistol and rifle calibres as well. The cast frame is large enough to accommodate even the largest of magnum rifle calibres.

The Loadmaster is a progressive press that can be used in both single mode or with its fully progressive function. It enjoys a 5 station turret design granting reloader’s increased functionality for accessories like crimping dies if required. Being fully progressive the press indexes automatically with each pull of the lever. Its brilliantly simple 4 tube case feeder is included allowing for faster feeding of brass. The Loadmaster uses a simple and easy priming system that is fast to fill as well as a primer catcher that will capture every spent primer during the depriming process. It incorporates a removable turret design that allows reloaders to change calibres in seconds as well as a quick change shell plate that does not require any tools to swap out.

Once your cartridges have been reloaded the round ejector and case catcher will capture your newly completed rounds of ammunition. The press will accept any brand of die that uses industry standard 7/8”x14 thread. For safety reasons the manufacturer recommends the use of CCI or Remington primers, however any brand of primer can be used in the press with the additional purchase of the inexpensive explosion shied adding to the safety of the user.