Lyman Bullet Puller


Lyman Bullet Pullers are a safe and effective way to disassemble live ammunition without damage to the brass case or the bullet.

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The Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller allows reloaders to remove bullets from cases even in live ammunition.  The Lyman Bullet Puller uses a collet design that encompasses the rim of a pistol or rifle round holding it securely at the base.  Once secure it can be struck with force on a hard surface using inertia to pull the bullet from the case mouth.  Unlike cheaper inertia bullet pullers, the Lyman comes with a rubberized grip that reduces vibration and resonance in the handle making for a more comfortable experience. Once the bullet is removed the powder and bullet can be simple poured out of the unit.


The Lyman Bullet Puller comes complete with two different size collets that will accept almost any small and large pistol and rifle calibres. 

Note:        Not to be used with rimfire ammunition




Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Pullers accept (but not exclusively) calibres like:


17 Rem

300 Sav

375 H&H Mag

460 S&W

204 Ruger

300 Ultra Mag

375 Ruger

480 Ruger

220 Swift

300 Win Mag

38 Spec

5.7 x 28

222 Rem

300 WSM

38 Super Auto

500 S&W

22-250 Rem

30-06 Spring

380 Auto


223 Rem


38-55 Win

6.5 x 55

243 Win.

308 Win

40 S&W

6.8mm Rem

25 ACP

32 ACP

41 Rem. Mag

7.62 x 39

250 Sav

32 H&R

416 Rigby

7mm Mau

25-06 Rem

32 S&W

44 Rem. Mag

7mm Rem Mag

25-20 Win


444 Marlin

7mm WSM

257 Roberts

325 WSM

44-40 Win.


260 Rem

338 Federal

45 ACP

8mm Mau

270 Win.

338 Lapua

45 Colt

9mm Luger

270 WSM

338 Win. Mag

450 Marlin

10mm Auto

280 Rem

35 Rem

454 Casull


30 Carbine

357 Mag