Lyman Media Separator


Lyman Media Separators makes the messy job of separating your brass from all kinds of tumbling media a breeze.

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The Lyman Media Separator is an easy to use manually operated separator that utilizes a simple clam shell basket design.  Simply open the separator basket, pour in polished cases, from your tumbler, close and turn the handles for several rotations.  Corn cob or walnut tumbling media will fall to the bottom leaving polished brass in the basket ready for reloading. 


In typical Lyman fashion, the separator is well made from heavy duty plastic and will provide reloaders with many years of reliable service.  The Lyman Case Media Separator has a large capacity and will accommodate approximately 400 .38 Special handgun cases or up to 180 .30-06 rifle cases.  It is also excellent at separating stainless steel pin media from brass.




  • Large Capacity
  • 180 .30-06 cases or 400.38 Special cases
  • Sturdy heavy duty plastic construction