Lyman Turbo Case Cleaner


The Lyman Turbo Case Cleaner is an outstanding pre cleaner for excessively dirty cases. It can be applied directly as a wet media or with a vibratory tumbler.

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Lyman Turbo Case Cleaner can be added to your tumbling media to reduce the tumbling time required to clean your brass.  It will remove all tarnishing and oxidization from your brass leaving a perfect shiny finish.  Lyman Case Cleaner is safe to use on all brass cases and will not etch the brass but rather assists in lifting the carbon deposits and fouling from the case.




  • Safely cleans brass cases
  • Mobilizes fowling to decrease tumbling time
  • Removes oxidization and tarnishing
  • Does not etch brass cases
  • Polishes brass



  • Size:      473ml