Lyman Universal Decapping Die


The Lyman Universal Decapping/Depriming Die is perfect for removing primers from almost any calibre of pistol or rifle case prior to cleaning or tumbling.

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The Lyman Universal Decapping Dies will remove primers from almost all pistol and rifle cases with ease. It is suitable for use with all calibres ranging from .22Cal through to .45Cal. with the exception of .378 & .460 Weatherby. For use with boxer primers only. So why use a Universal Decapping Die when your existing die set already decaps brass? Many reloaders do not want to put dirty, un-lubricated cases into their valuable die sets. With universal decapping dies reloaders can simply thread the die into their press or even a hand tool like the Lee Breech Lock Hand Press and sit on the sofa and de-prime some cases. The Lyman Universal Decapping Die does not require lots of force like when resizing brass, it simply removes the primer with ease ready before cleaning.

Note: Not for use with Berdan primed cases