Nosler Custom Competition Bullets 8mm 200gn (100pk)


Nosler Custom Competition Bullets provide reloaders with match grade bullets that deliver superior performance and pin point accuracy delivering outstanding results for competition.

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Nosler Custom Competition Bullets are precision manufactured using Nosler’s own lead alloy core which is encased in a hollow point copper jacket. They have introduced a small meplat in the bullets tip reducing drag and increasing efficiency. In addition, the boat tail design further reduces aerodynamic drag giving the bullet superior flight characteristics over both high and low velocities.



Product #:                         49524

Brand:                                Nosler

Bullet Type:                       HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail)

Calibre:                              8mm

Bullet Diameter:              8.2mm (.323”)

Bullet Weight:                  12.96 gram (200 grain)

Bullet Count:                    100