Pro Shot 7mm / .270Cal Bronze Bore Brush


The Pro Shot 7mm /.270 Cal bronze bore brushes are a great cleaning tool for firearms chambered in .270 Calibre or 7mm and will remove fowling from the bores of firearms chambered in .270 Winchester, 7mm Rem Mag or .270 WSM to name but a few.

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The Pro Shot 7mm / .270Cal Bronze Bore Brush is constructed from a twisted brass core with a looped end. It features bronze bristles to assist in lifting suborn lead, copper and carbon fowling from the bore without harming the rifling of your firearm. Pro Shot pride themselves on the quality of their brushes and offer some of the best on the market at any price. The brush is threaded in industry standard (imperial measurement) #8-32 threads for brushes of this calibre.