Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs (Orange)


Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs take hearing safety to a whole new level. They are completely customizable fitting the internal ear perfectly and provide superior comfort at the range or in the field.

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Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs are the ultimate custom molded hearing protection plug that provides shooters with outstanding comfort and protection. There is a logical emphasis on comfort because it doesn’t matter how good your hearing protection is, if it’s not comfortable it will not be worn. Match this comfort with Radians outstanding physical protection layer in the plug itself and shooters have class leading hearing protection that is effortless to wear, as it should be. A common complaint of earmuff style hearing protection is they are hot. Obviously, Radians Custom Molded Ear Plug avoids this situation by allowing maximum air flow around the ear which is ideal for use in Australia’s hot climate. The ear plugs are a user fitted solution that enables shooters to mold the plug to perfectly fit their ear. They are washable, soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic. Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs are excellent for shooters but are commonly used for other applications where comfortable hearing protect is required, such as factories, construction, motor racing events, lawn mowing and more.