RCBS Ingot Mold


RCBS Ingot Molds make it easy to consolidate scrap lead, range pick up or wheel weights and cast conveniently sized ingots for future bullet casting.

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RCBS Ingot Molds are an excellent choice for reloaders wanting to cast ingots from range pickup, wheel weights or for alloying a specific blend of metals. Just like all RCBS products the ingot mold is of typically outstanding build quality and is constructed form rugged cast iron. The RCBS Ingot Mold will cast up to four stackable ingots with every pour. Using lead the mold will yield bars approximately 450grams (1lb) in weight. As with bullet molds, it is recommended that you smoke your brand new ingot mold to assist ingots to fall freely from the mould.



Brand:                          RCBS

Product:                      Ingot Mold

Construction:             Cast Iron

Cavity Count:              4

Ingot Weight:              450grams (1 lb)

Notes:                          Does not include handles (by design)