RCBS Powder Check Die


The RCBS Powder Check die ensures a visual confirmation to reloaders that a powder drop does not dispense under or over a set powder weight.

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The RCBS Powder Check die is used in progressive reloading presses and provides reloaders with a visual indication of the perfect charge weight every time. The die is installed into the reloading station between the powder drop and bullet seating die and is capable of displaying an under charge, an over charge or even a no charge.


With the RCBS powder check die you can be assured that the correct powder weight is dropped into every case. The RCBS Powder checker fits all reloading presses that accept industry standard 7/8”-14 die sets, which means that it can be threaded into other brands of quick change mechanism like Hornady’s Lock-N-Load bushings for example. The powder checker is suitable for use with pistol and rifle cases of straight wall or bottleneck case design with a mouth size of .22Cal or greater. It has a black oxide finish which gives reloaders a greater contrast resulting in higher visibility.