RCBS Reloading Die Set (.243Win)


RCBS Full Length Die Sets in the Group D series are specially designed for reloading bottle neck rifle cartridges. The reloading die set comprises two dies that expand, resize, de-cap, seat and taper crimp. The RCBS reloading dies will bring your cartridges back to SAAMI specifications and allows your reloads to chamber perfectly.

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RCBS full length die sets contain 2 individual dies specifically tailored to reloading bottleneck cases. Included is a full length sizing die and a seater die. The first die, the full length sizing die returns the wall of your brass back to SAAMI minimum case dimensions whilst its expander and de-capping unit expands the case mouth in preparation to accept a new bullet. It also punches out the spent primer via the flash hole all in one action. The second die seats your bullet in the case mouth to a perfect depth using its seater plug. The seater die included also performs a roll crimp simultaneously whilst seating your bullet and assists in retention of the bullet in the case mouth.


RCBS full length die sets are suitable for use in any brand of single stage, turret or progressive reloading press that uses industry standard 7/8 inch 14 thread. Choose a die set in the calibre you are reloading and you’re off. The dies have vents incorporated into their design which prevent damage from excess lubricant or trapped air when reloading. The design also keeps headspace to within minimum specifications which prevents changes to the length of the case body during the full length sizing operation. In typical RCBS fashion these dies are extremely well made and will offer the reloader many years of reliable service.