A-Zoom Pistol Snap Caps-.357 Sig


A-Zoom snap caps are perfect for safely dry firing your firearm and cycling the action without discharging live ammunition.

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A-Zooms’ precision made snap caps are dummy rounds that can chamber directly into your firearm without the risk of loading live ammunition. With a soft synthetic rubber compound built into the primer pocket of the cap, damage to your firing pin is eliminated by cushioning the shock incurred from dry firing. A-Zoom snap caps are available in a variety of calibres and gauges suitable for pistols, rifles and shotguns.

Machined from aluminium to exacting tolerances, A-Zoom snap caps are also anodized which give a durable finish resulting in a long service life and are perfect for teaching safety, training and testing. A-Zoom snap caps are the safest and most practical way to cycle and dry fire your weapon without damaging the firing pin. Use an A-Zoom Snap cap to safely release the spring load before storing your firearm, resulting in a greater life of the spring and firing pin.