Birchwood Casey The Qualifier 3-Disk Spinner Target


Birchwood Casey’s “The Qualifier” Spinner Target gives shooters instant verification that your shot is on target. This fun 3 disk spinner target is ideal for .22 calibre rimfire cartridges fired from pistols or rifles.

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Birchwood Casey’s The Qualifier 3 disk spinner target is great for an afternoon plinking at the range or out in the field. Once hit, the targets spin around instantly confirming a successful strike and delivering an unmistakable audible report. The all steel construction ensures it can withstand repetitive hits from years of abuse on the range. The clever twist design of the 3 disk spinner target makes sure there are no welds to fail from consecutive bullet impacts. Target disk diameters are 92mm, 57mm, 41mm and 4.8mm thick steel all suspended from a durable welded steel frame.

The built in foot rest ensures you can set “The Qualifier” into some of the toughest ground. Each disk is fitted with a high visibility blaze orange target surface that allows for easy target acquisition at distance. The spinners are intended to be used with soft nosed bullets fired from .22 calibre rimfire cartridges. It is recommended that shooters and spectators maintain a minimum distance of about 25 metres away. For safety, the Qualifier spinner targets are not intended to be used with centerfire handgun, centerfire rifle, blackpowder or magnum rimfire cartridges.