Hornady Power Case Prep Centre


The Hornady Case Prep Centre combines almost every function in one outstanding power tool to prepare metallic cartridges for reloading.

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The Case Prep Centre from Hornady is an outstanding tool that quickly and efficiently prepares your brass.  When preparing metallic cartridges for reloading there are a myriad of operations that must be completed to achieve precise and accurate reloads. The Case Prep Centre combines trimming, chamfer and de-burring, primer pocket cleaning functions, along with neck brushes all in one electrically operated power tool.  Additional attachments like a primer pocket reamer, primer pocket uniformer and flash hole de-burring tool can be added and purchased separately should you choose.  The result of all these functions is one compact station that saves valuable real estate on your reloading bench as well as time and effort preparing brass.  Sure, it might not be the cheapest tool to prepare cases for reloading but once you’ve used a Hornady Case Prep Centre you’ll never want to trim cases any other way.  It will ensure you to spend more time shooting and less time reloading without question.



  • Ultra fine trim length adjustment right down to 25 microns (0.001”)
  • Trims Cases up side down to prevent brass shavings falling into the case mouth
  • Simple design catches brass shavings in a tray
  • Uses standard, inexpensive Hornady Shell Holders and Trimmer Pilots (available separately)
  • Sturdy housing and robust electric motor gives years or reliable service