Hornady V Max Bullets 22Cal 50gn (100pk)


Hornady V-Max bullets are widely regarded as some of the best hunting bullets on the market today. Their polymer tip design enables them to enjoy explosive expansion throughout the velocity range.

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Hornady V-Max bullets are at the forefront of hunting bullet technology. Highly regarded for their explosive expansion and devastating stopping power, V-Max bullets enjoy super flat trajectories and pinpoint accuracy delivered from their match grade jacket and outstanding bullet concentricity. 


The polymer tip design of the Hornady V-Max drastically increases the bullets’ ballistic coefficient enabling it to impart its energy to the target species while still delivering its legendary expansion even at velocities as low as 487m/s (1600fps). 




Product #:                          22261

Brand:                                 Hornady

Name:                                 V-Max

Calibre:                               22 Cal

Bullet Diameter:               5.69mm (.224”)

Bullet Weight:                    3.24 gram (50 Grain)

Bullet Type:                        BT (Boat Tail)

Count Per Box:                 100