Pachmayr .22 Rimfire Snap Caps 24-Pack


Pachmayr .22LR rimfire snap caps allows firearm owners to manually cycle the action of any firearm chambered in .22 long rifle in complete safely.

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Pachmayr .22LR rimfire snap caps are an ideal firearm accessory designed to protect the firing pin of your gun from damage when dry firing. Shooters can repeatedly drop the hammer of their firearm safely and without the fear of damage or a dangerous accidental discharge. These durable polymer snap caps are soft enough to deform which reduces shock loads experienced by the firing pin, but tough enough to withstand multiple repeated hammer strikes. Pachmayr .22 LR snap caps are excellent for training and will minimise the chance of expensive gun smithing costs in the future. Coloured in blaze orange it will be clearly evident that a dummy round is chambered and not a live one. The pack contains 24 snap caps suitable for .22 Long Rifle.

Brand:          Pachmayr

Caliber:        22LR

Qty/Pack:      24 pieces

Notes:           Designed to dent the same as conventional rounds.

Snap caps will eventually fail however this process will take a prolonged time