Redding Big Boss Reloading Press


The Redding Big Boss Reloading Press is simply one of the best single stage reloading presses on the market today.  Its outstanding build quality and simplicity of use will ensure a lifetime of enjoyable reloading. 

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The Redding Big Boss Reloading Press is extremely well made constructed of solid cast iron and continues to be one of the best reloading presses on the market today.  It will reload both pistol and rifle calibres with ease.  It’s simple off set frame opening gives reloaders greater access to the work space making it easier to swap cases and seat bullets.  The long ram travel gives superior leverage making resizing larger magnum rifle cases almost effortless.

The Big Boss Reloading Press will accept industry standard 7/8”x14 thread dies with the adapter installed meaning that not only Redding dies can be used but also the likes of RCBS, Hornady, Lee, Lyman etc.  In addition it will also accept 1-1/4”x12 threaded dies with the adaptor removed.  There is also an extra adaptor (sold separately) that enables the press to accept the less common 1”x14 threaded dies. 

The Big Boss also accepts Redding branded die bushings enabling die settings to be locked in place and swapped out without the setting being altered.  This is perfect when changing calibre or swapping over from rifle to pistol dies.  Required for operation is a die set specific to the calibre you are reloading as well as a calibre specific shell holder.  Mounting hardware is also required to mount the press to your reloading bench. 



Technical Specifications


Press Type:                                        Single Stage

Press Construction:                         Cast Iron

Opening Size:                                     114mm

Die Bushing Accepted:                    Yes (Redding Brand)

Dies Accepted:                                  Industry Standard 7/8”x14 with adaptor installed

                                                              1-1/4”x12 with adaptor removed

                                                              1”-14 with additional adaptor (sold separately)                                                         

Ram Diameter:                                  25mm

Ram Stroke Length:                         97mm

Priming:                                              Smart primer arm included

Warranty:                                           Manufacturers lifetime warranty protecting against defective workmanship and materials.

Mounting holes:                                3

Mounting Hardware:                        Not included

Required:                                            Die Set(s) (Calibre Specific)

                                                              Shell Holder(s) (Calibre Specific)

                                                              Mounting Hardware